Cheers to letting go

Its been almost 1.5 years since my best friend from college and I parted ways.  The past few weeks, I’ve though about her several times as I start a new life in a new city (again). It was an unfortunately quick end to an otherwise tried and true friendship.  I didn’t think there was anything that could come between the two of us.  Austin, TX proved me wrong.

Had you asked me one person who I would stay in contact with and who would definitely be at my wedding (outside of family), it would be her. But here we are 17 months later, and I haven’t heard a word from her.

The whole situation still upsets me – and I’ve thought of sending her a letter or a text to say hello -but the fear of sending unwanted mail or messages stops me. What’s the worst that could happen – she doesn’t respond? Or she responds angrily?

Well I did it! Short and sweet.

Let go.

You did your part.

Let go.

You’re a different person than you were then.

Let go.

Sometimes the hardest part of life is, well…. moving on.


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