NNY – 315 things to do

NNY – no, that’s not New New York for any Futurama fans, but my husband and I sometimes refer to it as such.  Although some consider Fort Drum to be the armpit of the Army, it’s a hidden gem. During all of our in processing briefs, we were consistently told to GO OUT and EXPLORE all this area has to offer.

  1. Go cross country skiing – DONE!  Now just to wait until next winter and hope for more snow…
  2. Find a volunteer project – DONE! – volunteer at church doing A/V
  3. Print wedding pictures (at last)
  4. Pass APTA NPTE (licensure) -DONE! woohoo PT, DPT
  5. Pay off student loans -DONE!! 4 years after graduating, they are all paid! – all 80K
  6. Pay off car – DONE! – paid in 1 year – all 34K
  7. Read 1 book/month
  8. Learn to quilt
  9. Knit a big, fluffy blanket -DONE (well one for the in-laws…)
  10. Write once a week
  11. Go to Josie’s Pizza – DONE it was pretty good; I’d go there again
  12. Go to one of the Drive In Theaters – DONE we were impressed with the quality at the thousand islands theater… plus its cheap!
  13. Hike Balt Mt (Old Forge)
  14. Go to Fulton Chain Craft Brewery
  15. Go on the chairlift in Old Forge in the Fall
  16. Visit Lake Placid
  17. Hike some peaks in the Adirondacks
  18. Take the ferry ride around the castle
  19. Go to Joe’s pizza
  20. Rent snowmobiles
  21. Get EFMB badge
  22. Get air assault badge
  23. Max APFT – close 292 in JAN 2017
  24. Downhill ski
  25. Sled down the hill by the dog park
  26. Go to the cream cheese festival
  27. Bike 100K
  28. Finish the list of 315 items!

Here’s to the next 2-3 years and some snow on the way this week!


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