Having somewhere to go is Home. Having someone to love is Family…Having both is a Blessing

Being released from post at 0815 on Wednesday morning was amazing — being able to book it to the airport and get on a flight 7 hours earlier than my scheduled one was even better!  Like the past couple months…my connecting flight ended up being a ‘hurry up and wait’ situation.  The plane was 15 minutes late arriving…and then apparently our scheduled pilot was … well not available for whatever reason…

There were a lot of disgruntled people; however, I was fortunate to meet a prior-service infantryman –just a very genuine and kind guy —  And a family with 2 young kids — the small 3 year old girl saying “uppy daddy, uppy” and the blond 4 year old boy with a knot on his forehead from running with socks on wood floors reminded me of the Prosser kids I watched this summer…miss that sweet family!!

What a blessing it was to hear that a man who was supposed to be a passenger on the flight also happened to be a pilot and offered to fly the plane … so he took 10 minutes to prep the plane and we were off!  After a quick 30 minute flight, I was finally in Greenville, SC and my dad there to pick me up!  My dad is all about driving mountain roads that are ‘quicker’….and usually does a pretty good job; however in leaving the airport out some random gate into the middle of nowhere…I wasn’t so confident.  And only 20% battery on my phone…I prepared myself for a long trip home.  Somehow, though, we didn’t take any wrong turns.

As we crossed the NC border, snow began to fall…and roads began to get worse.


Mind you, this is right after my dad tells me his tires are due to be changed…. as roads got worse, traffic got slower, and I just wished to be safe at home–somehow there were no accidents, and although it took a while (30ish MPH for 60ish miles)…I was finally home to be greeted by my whole family with hugs.

Although NC was freezing, being with my family was simply amazing –woke up to freshly baked cinnamon bread (yay finally being able to reincorporate gluten back in my diet without having a crazy upset stomach and headaches)


…welcome to the Hensley home around Thanksgiving…

IMG_0573 IMG_0585 IMG_0588 IMG_0591 IMG_0593 IMG_0600….too much fun being had while trying to take a Christmas card picture that Lisa approves of…. Not sure we ever got one…

IMG_0615IMG_0610 — this little nug is now driving and gets her license tomorrow!!!!

IMG_0618 IMG_0617 IMG_0622 IMG_0623

Post-Thanksgiving…naps, Despicable Me II, and ….well I don’t know how to describe the rest…

IMG_0614 IMG_0624 IMG_0627

Leaving was difficult after such a short trip…especially at 0300 after staying out with my sisters till 1:30… but the plane ride was beautiful… taking off out of Greensboro SC and then getting into Atlanta as the sun rose.

IMG_0632 I was super energetic as I arrived…but the energy didn’t last…  around 6:30pm I was out….on the floor of my living room…watching White Christmas.

Now that I’m done with field training and my achilles has healed…I’m finally able to whip myself back in shape… most of the people in BOLC and I joke that we joined the army and then got fat in training… ok so maybe not fat…but definitely lost tone…so the next couple weeks are probably going to be coupled with hard workouts and sore muscles…but after my workout today…I already feel a MILLION TIMES BETTER about life!!! IMG_0639 IMG_0643 No AC in the gym at my apartment complex….well I got a sauna-esque sweat detox at the same time.  Dear core strength … I miss you & you can come back ASAP haha

What was I up to before going home…well I pampered myself…took a spa day and then enjoyed my first NBA game — Go Spurs!!!  Next time…we’ll plan ahead and get better tickets…

IMG_0529 IMG_0526 IMG_0557

So excited for the next….well just for the future in general…Our PT class will finally all be together tomorrow and we being our orientation into the program…then I get 8 WHOLE DAYS in Minnesota with my family for Christmas!! New Years in San Antonio…and then finally start class (yes I’m thrilled for it!)

This time last year, I would have never imagined I would be where I am today…it’s surreal… I’ve been so blessed…

“Again, you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.”
Steve Jobs

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